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We are only taking reservations in person on Friday at the Fairgrounds. No booths will be rented after 6:00 PM Friday.

What you need to know

Space Rentals

Vendor spaces must be paid for before they can be held. We accept all major credit cards. If were not set up for the prior market, you may start reserving spaces after the renewal cutoff date (to be announced at each market).  Spaces are first come, first serve. Spaces can be reserved and paid for online, at the bottom of this page. If you have additional questions or need to discuss your situation further, please contact us via phone or email and we will promptly address your concerns. All contact info is at the bottom of the page. Space sales will crease on Friday, NO SPACES SOLD ON SATURDAY!

Vendor Information

The information contained applies to all vendors, their employees, helpers, or family members who may be working with them at this event. The term “Vendor” is to describe a person or persons who rented a space to sell wares or other activity. The term “Promoter” is meant to be the individual that has been designated the flea market manager by the board of directors of the Dublin Lions Club.


Gate Operations

Vendors are not to begin setting up in their space until they have checked in with the promoter and have their packet and assigned wristbands. Vendors may check in and set up in their space on Thursday and Friday between 8:00AM and 6:00PM. THE GATE WILL BE LOCKED AT 6:00PM ON FRIDAY AND NO NEW CHECK-INS OR SET UP WILL TAKE PLACE! On Thursday, the gate will be manned by security until 11:00PM. During that time, checked-in vendors may leave and come back, but should notify security before leaving. At 11:00PM the gates are locked and unmanned. No exit or reentrance will be available during this time. Exception to this is the Farris & Wysor Buildings and the Yellow Barn, which are locked at 6:00PM and no set up is allowed after that time.  The gates will open Friday morning at 8:00AM Gates will be open for check-ins until security assumes control at 6:00PM. Security will be onsite all night until the promoter returns. Security will have final discretion on allowing re-entry after 6:00PM both days. Security is unable to check-in vendors, so vendors must initially arrive before 6:00PM on Thursday or Friday to utilize early check-in. Saturday and Sunday, vendors will be allowed in at 6:00AM WITH THEIR WRISTBAND! No wristband, then you will be charged for admission or may purchase an additional wristband. The gates open to the public at 7:00AM. All vehicle traffic must cease from 9:00AM to 4:00PM for attendee safety. This is a crowded area, and safety is paramount. For everyone’s safety and not to encroach on other vendors, do not vacate your space before 4:00PM Sunday. Your moving out may block other vendors and when the public sees many empty spaces, they don’t spend time exploring, and we all lose customers! Abuse of this policy may result in not being invited back to participate. (See Schedule Below)

Permissible Activities

The promoter makes every effort to ensure that all spaces not under roof are 15’x15’. Some may allow for more space, but please be advised you are only guaranteed the 15’x15’ and may be asked to remain in that area by the promoter. Vendors are not to sell any prepared food or beverage. It is permissible to sell items such as fudge, brownies or other individually wrapped items that were prepared off-site or sell fruit and vegetables items that are not meant for consumption on-site. All federal, state, and local laws must be adhered to when selling your products. The promoter reserves the right to disallow the selling of any item at its discretion. Examples, but not limited to disallowable items include pornography, racially offensive items, or other illegal items. Gun sales are allowable but must follow all federal and state laws. The Virginia State Police are in the Wysor building to perform any required transfer backgrounds. If you have a question about compliance with the law, you should consult with them. There are to be no raffles or giveaways without prior written consent of the promoter. Individuals or groups who wish to register as a vendor to promote a religious or political viewpoint must obtain written permission.  Vendor rentals do not include water or electricity. Generators are permissible, but they must be "park approved" (defined as cannot exceed 60 decibels at 50 feet). If any activity inside or outside the vendor space is deemed annoying, obnoxious, or otherwise inappropriate, the vendor may be asked to leave without a refund.


Vehicles, Trailers, Campers

Vendor vehicles should be completely inside your vendor space unless you are given direct permission from the promoter, otherwise it should be parked in the parking lot. If a vendor uses a vehicle or trailer as part of their set-up, then it should be set-up in a way that attendees will not have to move into another vendor space to access the goods. Examples include doors on haulers or gates on trailers being inside the vendor’s space. Campers should not be parked beside the building on the pavement, but either in your rented space or in the parking lot along the upper fence. Vendors may camp inside their space, but the facility does not have any available showers.


You should be in your space by Saturday morning at 7:00AM or it may be rented from another vendor; no refund will be given. The event is rain or shine, no refunds or rollovers starting 35 days before the event for non-attendance no matter what the reason, NO EXCEPTIONS! Vendors who will miss an event and want to retain their current space for the next event, will have to pay for the space for the missed event to have continuous occupancy. Please notify the promoter beforehand so this may be arranged and so the vendor does not lose their space. Sales tax is incurred for all items sold. You may file this with the state or turn over collected sales tax to the promoter for submission. There is an envelope with the vendor packet explaining this process. Vendors have the first right of refusal for the next flea market. It is best practice for vendors to renew their space or spaces before leaving. Vendors may additionally contact the promoter before the cutoff date to renew. The cutoff date will be announced by the promoter before the current market ends. At that time, all open spaces will be available on a first come, first served basis. 


Vendors should keep their pets leashed. Vendors are responsible for cleaning up after their animals. All trash will be picked up by the high school band members. Please do not move their trash cans! If a vendor wishes to rent tents or tables, they should contact Fancy Gap Tents at 276-224-3431.



Reservations may be made online, by telephone or in person starting Monday before the flea market. The Pulaski County Flea Market runs from June to September and September back to June, not June to June or September to September regarding space renewals. If a vendor wishes to retain their spot for the next market, they need to pay by the cutoff date (will be announced by the promoter). Renewals will be booked on Sundays after 10:00AM until 5:00PM and other times if available. Pulaski County Flea Market accepts cash, check, money order and all major credit cards.



In the case of medical emergencies, lost individuals, or other such events, please notify a member of the Dublin Lions in the Vendor Information booth located at the main gate or call 911 if necessary.


Thursday and Friday (Before Event)
8:00 AM  |  Gates open for setup
6:00 PM  |  Gates closes to new arrivals
Once you are in for the day, you may remain as long as you please. On Thursday, security leaves at 11:00 PM, but remains all night on Friday and Saturday Night

Saturday & Sunday (Day of Event)
6:00 AM  |  Gates open for pre-registered vendors only
7:00 AM  |  Event is open to the public
6:00 PM Sat. |  Event is closed to the public

4:00 PM Sun. |  Event is closed to the public
Sunday Night

You must exit the fairgrounds by 11:00 PM

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